Brew at the Zoo, Miami Metro Zoo – May 4, 2013

BrewAtZooAngryUnionAngry Union Brewing had the opportunity to attend Brew at the Zoo in Miami. We had a great turnout and long lines. Check out the article in Miami New Times! They wrote “Angry Union, a crew of home brewing firemen who work for the City of Hollywood ran out of their 12-percent alcohol by volume Belgian brew little more than an hour after gates opened. Nevertheless people kept lining up for a just-bitter Donger American Pale Ale and the cooling Citra Spring Ale.”

2 thoughts on “Brew at the Zoo, Miami Metro Zoo – May 4, 2013

  1. I helped Mark’s wife, Chrissy, with their new baby Cannon and 2 1/2 year old Breckan while Mark attended the Brew at the Zoo. I had a blast with my daughter and grandsons but once they went to bed…..I had a pint of AU beer from Mark’s tapper. Perfect final touch to a glorious day!

  2. I won 2 VIP tickets to brew at the zoo but unfortunately missed out on AU’s brew due to the fact I came late. I was never really a fan of beer not until I had theirs and it was perfectly chiled (wish I had pizza to go with or wings hehehe) delicious to say the least but most importantly I didn’t belch! nice lite beer I had 4 different brews and I can’t remember which one was which except for the stout (correct me if i’m wrong)

    I wish you guys the best and hoping that you will start to market this beer soon! i’m sure firefighting will be a thing of the past once you guys hit it big time!!! you already are becoming more and more popular so why not go all the way — no doubts about making it! you’re already there :) thank you!

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